On A Mission

Be open to whatever God has in store.
Regardless of circumstance; God is the God of the impossible.
When you are weak, it's then you are strong;
Put Your God On!

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Unfurl Your Cape

We women daily "war in love" for our kid's sake; love never fails.
You are a MomPro!
Unfurl your cape and let it show.
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Life is Ministry

Ministry is not just for an elite group of individuals.
Ministry is for all of us.
We represent the Kingdom wherever we go, in whatever we do.
Life is Ministry.
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Everyday is Mother's Day

Everyday, I am reminded my Father, in Heaven, trusted me with these souls
to mold, shape and raise;
my children are my heart.
Everyday is Mother's Day!
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It's Good To Be You

If to God we are presented as perfect, no imperfections seen,
then, truly, what does man's opinion matter?
Trust me, it's good to be you!
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Your Soul's Expression

If we are fearless than our art has the potential to broaden, deepen
and become wild in its abandon; allow the perfection of Jesus
to speak through you.
|No Fear|
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The Rose

Emerge from your winter; because of Jesus' great love for you, become a rose in bloom. Be who you are meant to be; set yourself free.
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The stripping away of what you thought best for you is perhaps just the beginning of what will reveal God's best for you.
|Blessings of Brokenness|
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Be A Simple Kind Of Man

Be a simple kind of man. Easy to love. Easy to understand.
With a transparent heart that mirrors Christ's own.
Satisfied in Him and Him alone.
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Everything: A Gift

You defeat all that seeks to destroy by rising from the flames, like a phoenix, changed, made new, ready to show the world you.
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