What Love Looks Like - Father and Son - Alfie Evans with His Dad, Thomas - Image via Thomas Evans' Facebook Page

no matter how "limited" we may perceive them to be
flourishes, and responds in kind,
when they are loved
Universal truths cannot be dismissed
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There's A Time For Every Activity Under Heaven

Scripture tells us: "There's a time for every activity under heaven"
Ecclesiastes 3); 
you have time.
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Embrace The Mess

Embrace the mess to embrace your children more.
A foundation of trust & faith will be established between you;
being a good parent is inherent to who you are.

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On A Mission

Be open to whatever God has in store.
Regardless of circumstance; God is the God of the impossible.
When you are weak, it's then you are strong;
Put Your God On!

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It's Good To Be You

If to God we are presented as perfect, no imperfections seen,
then, truly, what does man's opinion matter?
Trust me, it's good to be you!
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Dream Big

Never too old...
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Vision, Align Your Own With His

Dream your dreams in prayer with God align your vision with His; co-creation that’s out of this world, you’ll go places you’ve never been. |Dream|Prayer|Vision|

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