Vision, Align Your Own With His

I ask you to consider
What makes you unique
What makes your heart skip a beat
What motivates
What makes you reach for the stars
And, if out of reach
What makes you build yourself up
Lifting you higher
So stars become ones you hold in your hands

Dreams are good
But they take you no where
Unless you are willing to care
Care enough to activate your soul
Making dreams your desires
And working towards them
Day and night
And, just when you think
Those stars are too high
You’ll find a doorway that leads to galaxies
You didn’t even know existed
But, first you have to try

Never Give Up
Never Give In
You Don’t Quit
Until You Win
And, within winning
You move forward still
For just as you conquer one star
The next one appears

Climb every mountain
Reach every peak
Always something to move towards
Never grow stagnate
Never grow weak
This is the secret to the Fountain of Youth
It’s the Fountain of You

Dream your dreams in prayer with God
Align your vision with His
Co-creation that’s out of this world
You’ll go places you’ve never been

Doing my best to raise you up!
Jennie Louwes

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