I have an uncle named, Delmer.
(True story. You can't make a name like that up)!
He was born and raised in the foothills of Tennessee.
A southern gentleman through and through.
I was blessed to see him a few times a year,
If not more,
During my growing up years.
He called me, "Precious."
Every. Single. Time. He saw me.
He called me, "Precious."
In his deep, southern drawl:
"Well, Hi there, Precious!"
"My now, you're sure pretty."
"Well, alrighty then, Precious!"
"We'll see you again soon, Sweetheart."
He spoke life into me.
Words are powerful.
It turns out I'm not the only "Precious" one in my uncle's life;
it's what he calls the majority of women close to him,
his daughters,
other nieces.
for each of us,
it's as if we are the only ones he has ever said it to.
When he looks at you,
with eyes that light up
and a genuine, large grin,
and those are the words you hear,
You are the only "Precious" one on the planet.
Be a blessing to others in your life.
A repetitive blessing
of life-affirmation.
Every. Word. Counts.
Make others feel this:
You belong here.
You have value.
Pull up a chair, to the table.
You are precious in His sight.

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