The Lift

As Kevin Spacey once said: "I feel it's a responsibility for anyone who breaks through a certain ceiling... to send the elevator back down and give others a helpful lift."

Don't we all need a hand-up from time-to-time?

In today's world, within many different positions, what is needed to succeed is a platform. A platform to raise you higher, a platform to take daring leaps from to places you've only imagined in your dreams.

Isn't it wonderful that we have people like Dani Johnson, Sandi Krakowski, and Kris Carr, (to name a few), who have lived lives as over-comers, lifting themselves up by their bootstraps, who have taken leaps of faith and by the grace of God, and His helping hands, have become more than they once thought they could be? Their lives reflect the true definition of "Beauty from Ashes" (Isaiah 61:3). Are we not blessed by these three women, and many more left unnamed here, who have taken their living testimonies, sent the elevator back down, and have become teachers of all they know as they themselves continue to learn and grow?

I am working towards a life that mirrors the success of those who have already succeeded like Dani, Sandi and Kris. We all have a story to tell.  We all have things to teach. To each of you that has followed MomPro through its changes and have watched it grow, thank you. I am on the cusp of signing with a literary agent and I know my dreams from my 9 year old self are about to come true: I will be a published author and the time is coming soon! (Although, soon in the publishing world may still be a year or two) ;-)

I know I will be sending the elevator back down. The video series that I am in the process of creating will involve three P's: Passion, Purpose, Platform.  I will be teaching you what I've successfully mastered, in the here and now, and will continue to teach as I learn and grow. 

There will be actions you need to take; may these words resonate with you: "You are responsible for your life. Only you have the power to take responsibility to move your life forward" (Oprah Winfrey).  Often times, God is waiting for you to move; He'll meet you, but you've got to move.

As this powerful, true quote states: "Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tip toe if you must, but take the step" (Unknown).

Success is made all the more sweeter when it's something you share; it would be my pleasure, honor and blessing to be the lift for you.

Giving my all to raise you up!




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