It Begins With You

From all directions
Every where you turn
No escape
From gossip, hate
Main-stream media
The latest trends
Fashion, celebrity
Business, social media
Hot topics
What's trending
Your news now
Keeping up with the Kardashians
Keep up or get walked out
Swim against the current
Or drown
You read that right
Two ways to be noticed
To matter
To have your life mean something
To be more than status quo
Counter-culture living
And doing YOU
Being alive
Simply BE
As unique as a snowflake
All of humanity
No two exactly alike
Every voice needed
To create the whole
The world misses out
If it doesn't know YOU.
What are you all about?
What do you represent?
Does your life reflect your beliefs?
Are you living authentically
Or masquerading as someone else?
God breathed life into you
He spoke LIFE into you
He created you with Love,
Thought, a Plan, and Purpose
To be anyone other than you
does not honor Him
You are enough
Just as you are
The Creator of the Universe
Believes in you
Do not hide
Hang your head in shame
But rise above the noise
in Jesus' Name!
Claim your stake of fame
By simply living up to your given name
Whether Adam or Eve
You hold the key to your best life
It all begins with you.

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