Tattooed by Life

November 27, 2018

Love the Skin You're In - Image Created by Jennie Louwes - Photo Discovered via Freely Photos
No Comparison

November 25, 2018

That Girl is On Fire - Image Created by Jennie Louwes

We're all inherently different.
Made different on purpose.
Let's come together and be the one body,
with many parts,
we were meant to be!
Am I doing this right!?!

November 14, 2018

No Right Answers - Image Created by Jennie Louwes

Parenting is hard!
Just when you think you have one thing figured out
another thing comes along.
However, trust, know, and believe:
You have all the tools you need to parent well. 
Amy SoHee

November 07, 2018

Family Portrait - Image Provided by Janet Henderson

"Amy may not have out-lived cancer;
but, she did out-love it."
(Margie Wright)
Royalty on Board: The Duke and Duchess of Sussex Expecting Their First Child

October 15, 2018

Keep Calm and Carry On - Image Found via Morgue File

A Lesson,
A Poem,
A Blessing.
Trumpet and the Cheese

October 01, 2018

Raising Successful Readers - Image Found via Morgue Files - Words by Jennie Louwes

To ensure my oldest son learns the joys of reading 
I will endure the gas and jokes 
and embrace his smiles and laughter
regardless of how far away from etiquette and manners we stray.
We Were Born With A Gift

September 26, 2018

Set Free - Image via Freely Photo's - Words by Jennie Louwes

We were born with a gift.
All to teach, lead, guide, inspire;
to bring light into the darkness until there's no darkness left.
May your passion set fire to the rain!