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Bathroom Selfie 'Cause it's What Mama's Do! - Jennie Louwes

Jennie Louwes,
in a bathroom selfie
at 39.
Shutting the bathroom door, 
to hide away,
hoping for a moment of peace and quiet;
5 minutes to give myself a pep talk,
to quiet my soul
before stepping back out into the fray.

My kids are currently 11,
and 6 years old;
despite this, 
it's a rare 5 minutes that go by without one of my children saying:

You know,
you've longed to hear yourself called "the name"

until it's the only name you hear.

Now you just wish you could tag out,
like in a WWE match.
Whether it's because things are going so well,
you'd like to stop and preen your feathers;
you've been pummeled so badly
you need someone to step in
while you lick your wounds,
bandage yourself up,
and try again.

Motherhood, isn't what I thought it would be!

Sometimes it's worse,
sometimes it's better;
when looking back over the decade of mothering 
that's behind me...
My life has been filled with brilliant bursts of living,
and laughter-filled memories,
because of the children that have been a part of it all.

I guess I wouldn't change a thing.

Giving my all to raise you up!