About Us

My name is Jennie Louwes and I'm on the cusp of turning 39 years young.

Selfie, of and taken by, Jennie Louwes

I'm a wife, who'll be celebrating 10 years of marriage on March 24th, 2017, 
and a Home-schooling Mom to 4 Children:
Guy, 9; Analeigh, 8; Gracie, 5.5; Cruz, 4.5;
and, the Founder/CEO of MomPro.

Originally born and raised in the mitten
(the state of Michigan)
I'm a mid-westerner with manners and heart,
who's an Alaskan transplant,
and I like my country music turned up loud!
My current country fav?

I began MomPro 
knowing God doesn't call us as we are
but as He sees us;
to all women who read this,
we may be far from perfect
but we're still good
and the name MomPro belongs to each of us!

My grand vision for the MomPro web-site?
To turn it into something like
completely faith-based;
however, my first expansion
(beyond the blog you see)
is to become an authoress.
I'm currently working, with a literary agent, on a line of books
to develop the MomPro brand 
into something more tangible
that you can hold in your hands.

A picture that depicts MomPro well?

My daughter Analeigh and I, July of 2010:
Generationally linked, all women are mothers;
teach what's good to those following in your footsteps.
(Based upon, and around, the premises found in Titus 2).

May all the words on this site
be of encouragement to you.

Giving my all to raise you up!

Your friend,


Dramatic Imagery - Selfie of, and taken by, Jennie Louwes

P.S. Is it just me, or does this picture not appear to be that friendly?
Why publish it then?
You know how a picture of yourself resonates with you?
As a writer, this one; well, it just seems to fit.
A little mysterious and always observing;
that's me,
a classic extroverted-introvert.