Fighting a Gun Battle with a Teaspoon of Butter

Until we fight this worldwide sickness battle with spiritual weapons
all the distancing and washing hands and panic and chaos and control and worry
is like going into a battle of the bands with clanging cymbals.
It's like we're trying to fight a gun battle with a teaspoon of butter. 

The Way Through is with Him - Image Provided by congerdesign via Pixabay - Word Overlay by Louwes Media
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Before Regret

We find ourselves in situations not sure how we got there.
You didn't understand what you were getting into when you took that drink, went to that place, did that thing. The enemy went fishing. That's what happened.
Find your way out before regret!

Don't Take the Bait - Image Provided by mirandableijenberg via Pixabay - Word Overlay via Louwes Media
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