A Three Step Process: From Anxiety to Peace

From anxiety to peace:

I don’t want to just survive anymore. 

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Life is short, you could die tomorrow;
then again, you could still live to see amazing things.

Having peace about not knowing the outcome?
That comes from letting go and trusting, that no matter what lies ahead,
God is already there because He ordained it.

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I have to put my whole-heart into trusting Him every single day; 
that, my friends, is a choice.

Are you choosing to walk alongside God
and be blessed by his peace and
or, do you want to keep being afraid 
and live the lie that you don’t already have a great life?

You do have a great life. I promise you do!
Just look at all you have to be thankful for, that’s a great place to start, right?

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I’m thankful for my beautiful family.
I pray and hope to have a long life with them;
but, the future is not in my hands. So, today I praise him for another day
and anticipate another new day tomorrow; placing my hope in the Lord and His plan for my life.

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Of course, I have to break down and cry and have a huge panic attack for the Holy Spirit to grab me and shake me and be like “Hey mom, none of this is in your control”; and, for me to listen and come through it with the above, loud and clear, ringing in my ears.

As my own wise mother keeps telling me, “Trust in The Lords promises;
and, don’t try to get ahead of God
because you'll never be able to."

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Magen Postema is a happily married mom of five.
Beyond being a wife and mother this girl is on fire!
Check-out her covers on Smule where she bares her soul, (and talent),
through music: 

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