Rewrite History

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the history of this current day and age
in which we find ourselves living.

My husband and I,
we cut off cable
and the news media
and shut-off the noise.

The side effects?
My kids no longer have a case of the gimmes.
We don't live in fear, with anxiety, or worries.

We think for ourselves.
We know who we have believed in
and He is able.

We live our lives prudently.
We self-isolate by choice.
We learn and apply lessons from history past.

We've chosen to rewrite the coming days
by learning to live with one another with more love and grace.
By coming up with an unbusy lifestyle that includes more togetherness. 

Not the togetherness of outside influencers.
The togetherness of spouses
and children too.
The rekindling of family life of days of old.
Think Little House on The Prairie; but, with modern twists.

Oh, we [society] know our children are only with us for a short while
we say, 

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and "Enjoy them while you can!";

but, we also shuttle them off to school buildings
and countless other activities.
There's always so much to do we barely have time to breathe!

I choose to be thankful for shut down's
and temporary closures
and a whole up-rooting of what life once was.

In truth, if embraced
and accepted for the treasure it is;

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You'll discover you're richer
and not poorer 
for a life lived differently.

There is sadness within change
but there is also joy.
There's a sadness in letting go
but also a sweet, albeit sometimes bittersweet, anticipation of things to come!
There's a sadness in accepting that things will never go back to how they used to be; however, an excitement will emerge as to what's being made anew.

A rewriting of history, 
of today's day and age;
at this very moment,
you can cut a new path
begin a new story
and live your best life!

You don't need the news media
to tell you what to believe or know.
All you need is faith, God, and His Word.

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Giving my all to raise you up!


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