BookTube and My Why

Have ya'll been wondering where I disappeared to?

Look no further than BookTube.

hat's right, you can SEE me now!

My most recent video is my introduction to all BookTubers at large. In it, you'll discover: What I'm excited about, why I love to read; what book series got me into reading, what challenges lay ahead, and where I read. All the above in just over 3 minutes? Whoa!

Of course, I missed some questions and I had to edit myself a ton. That's where this blog post comes in. The biggest question I ended up editing out was in regards to my why.

Not only am I launching a BookTube channel because of my love of books and reviewing them; I'm also launching my channel to help fellow mama's know what books might be a great read for themselves and what books they should definitely not miss when reading aloud to their children. It's another way to pass along my own tried and true engagement strategies to other mom's out there. What books work and what one's don't?

Yes, I've done this on the MomPro blog; but, sometimes it's more fun to watch a video recommendation that guarantees you'll have someone out in the world to listen and relate to. Motherhood, after all, can be lonely; this way, you're able to see me! My hope is this helps you feel a little less alone.

A milestone in my life was when my kids were finally old enough to start sleeping through the night and I was once again able to reclaim parts of myself just for me. 

I realized I hadn't been reading; at least, not many (if any) adult reads. When had that stopped? All I knew is, I was so excited to be able to read again just for me. 

Simple Joys - Image Provided by silviarita via Pixabay - Word Overlay by Louwes Media

Now that I'm steadily reading and reviewing (Find me on Reedsy and GoodReads too!) a natural next step was to get into video reviewing. I'm having a ball and hope you'll subscribe so you'll see more of me more often! I mean, why not?

I'm nothing but fun once you get to know me. You know, the sober and serious kind; the person who's able to be genuinely silly, goofy, and funny when she wants to be. That would be me!

I hope you stop on by and see me via YouTube; and, while there, drop me a comment (or write one here) and I'll be sure to respond! 

Making Friends - Image Provided by StockSnap via Pixabay - Word Overlay by Louwes Media

Giving my all to raise you up!


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