The First 10 Days After Trauma

A car pulled in front of us while making a left turn on a busy street and totaled our car last June. The insurance company said we were 100% not at fault. I knew there would be blessings in this so I prayed and looked to find them. There have been several.

A physical therapist talked with me about watching for about 10 days after something emotionally or physically traumatic occurs because some scientists and doctors have realized that our bodies, which God created in SUCH amazing ways, hold onto a fight or flight chemical for about 10 days.

If it's not needed our bodies get rid of it and we may experience more pain, headaches, nausea, and other symptoms the 9th, 10th, or 11th day after something happened.

The physical therapist said when people have a day they especially don't feel well they often look to the day before wondering what they did so they can avoid it in the future but it's actually more likely something they experienced around 10 days prior.

I've been paying more attention since hearing this and this is the 4th time I've seen it happen. I even thought it was maybe not going to happen once because it was 10 days but, that 11th day, "Whoa!" Something hit me.

Now I guess some could and will call it coincidence, but I'm writing to the people who are looking for some kind of reasoning to wrap their heads around some medical and spiritual and emotional stuff that some doctors may not have told you about yet. For example: In past years when I would go to a doctor about an intense migraine and throwing up, I did not understand it likely had something to do with another fight in my marriage several days earlier. I'm single now but still dealing with some legal and personal stuff like jobs, insurance, what in the world my life looks like now, etc. Also we've (my kids and I have) witnessed God's continued provision all around us in such God-sized ways so if someone tells you God won't provide in impossible situations, perhaps you need to stop listening to such faith-lacking, weak, advice. 

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You are so completely valuable. You are a child of THE KING, made in HIS image. You don't have to wonder if the enemy wants to take you down because you're a threat. You ARE a threat and you are a powerful one! I pray for you to find some ways for gentle self-care and to keep finding healthy boundaries where some may have been trampled. You aren't created to carry something someone else repeatedly casts onto you and refuses to hand over to God in prayer. And it may help to think about this; Jesus kept a few people close to Him and even while some betrayed Him,

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Kerri and her daughters are currently waiting in faith in Northwest Washington for God to open doors to Alaska. Once there, they'll be working towards the development of a homeless shelter for domestic abuse and sex-trafficked survivors. 

They welcome your prayers, as well as financial partnership, to bring to fruition the shelter God has pressed upon their hearts to create:

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