The Weight and Glory of Motherhood

Like Mother Like Son - Danae Hollander - Image Provided by The Hollander Family

This boy is so precious to me.

My first born.
My son.
My flesh and blood.
Oh, the weight and glory of motherhood.

The weight: To know that you will pick up on my good habits and my bad ones. To know that some cycles we will break together, and others will continue. To know that you watch what I do. To know that your watchful eyes see my imperfections, my meltdowns, my grown-up tantrums and one day that might impact you.

The glory: To know that you have allowed me to see God’s love for me in a new way. In a way that only a parent can understand. To know that you’ve helped me understand that my Heavenly Father’s “No” or “Wait” is meant to protect and preserve, not to hurt. To know that your dependence on me has caused me to lean heavily on my Savior.

My sweet boy, just like you depend on me, I depend heavily on my Heavenly Father. So when I fall short, when I let you down, when I am not enough, seek Him first. Seek Him and His kingdom. 

I love you.


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Mother and Son - Danae Hollander - Image Provided by The Hollander Family

Danae Hollander is a social media influencer; and, it's her birthday! Find her on Instagram:  comment on one of her posts, send her some encouraging words, and let her know she's not just any mom - she's an awesome one!
M.A.M.A. (Mothers Are Made Awesome)

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Kerri Valor
Kerri Valor

March 11, 2020

Completely beautiful.

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