Dream Big

There are many inspirational lines, I trust you know them as well as I do:

 "If you stop dreaming you start dying" (Adam McLane).

Isn't it true?

Dreams involve hope and hope is life-giving.

Hope helps us change direction and keeps us living out these words:

"If at first you don't succeed, dust yourself off and try again" (Aaliyah).

Hope keeps us marching onward:

"Left, Left, Left, Right, Left".

We were created to have hope in things to come.

Life on this earth is fragile beauty and it can be blighted by brutality.

We can get caught up in thinking the worst, seeing the worst, believing the worst,

or, in the face of all the bad,

we can have obstinate hope.

I say, "Dream Big"!

It doesn't matter your age, young or old, if you are still breathing in and out you have purpose. 

Life is not meant to be lackadaisical, without direction;

as with everything, to find your way,

Read God's Word, it will direct you; just enough light for the step you're on.

Look at all of your relationships and ask this question:

"Where can I shine His light and give of His love"?

Go with your gut, it's Heaven-sent intuition and discernment.

"Give and it will be given unto you" (Luke 6:38).

Dream Big, Give Big and find yourself Living Big too.

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