Embrace The Mess

To the mother of littles, 

I'm in the middle of chaos too;

sometimes controlled chaos and at other times seemingly uncontrollable.

Some-days, during a child's tears, I cry my own along-side of them.

Some-days, it's hard to lead my cubs.

I don't know about you, but I know for all of my inner-strength

I am also weak and at times weary.

If it wasn't for caffeine and Jesus to rely upon

to pick-me-up, to lead me, and carry me too,

I would be lost.

But, because of faith I am able to find a resting place.

Even when I have moments of breakdown it will inevitably lead to breakthrough.

The breakdown allows a purge of emotions 

and when the well runs dry

I am able to refocus and look for other solutions.

Here is what I've come to realize as I have traversed from brand-new mama,

to beginner mom,

to the mama of toddlers,

to the mother of littles, 7 years down to 3;

sleep deprivation is exhaustive

and the years of little, to no sleep, seem extremely long;

however, someday, you will sleep again... 

You may never have the luxury of sleeping in again,

but sleep will be yours.

The chaos and messiness will all in time fade away too...

in 18 years, or more, give or take.

So, while you transition from one form of chaos into another
know that the chaos and mess is more than okay.

Perfection is elusive and never can be attained

and so we simply give it our all, do our best; and, just as you tell your kids

say these words to yourself:

"Slow and steady does their best and doing your best is what matters most."

and this life isn't a race in which first place is at stake.

All movement in life serves a purpose; 

if your to-do-list is such that to accomplish it, routinely, you'd have to ignore your children;

ignore your to-do-list!

Your to-do-list will forever be never-ending; 

however, your children will be under-foot for only a finite amount of time.

Sit with your children, within their everyday moments,
and truly absorb who they are and who they are becoming;

help your child become who God has purposed them to be,

pray over them, pray with them, and start doing so now;

then, it will be habit for you to do this together
and will not be awkward as they grow and age.


true, focused, time with your kids...

there is no item on your chore list of to-do's that should supersede that.

Embrace the mess to embrace your children more.

This method of living may never result in less mess; however, it will result in far less chaos and drama.

A strong foundation of trust and faith will be established between you and your child;

and, as you stand on "The Rock" together

there will be peace, 

you will be led by quiet waters

and you will be given green pastures to rest within (Psalm 23).

As you lead you will be led and you will be given all you need to lead well;

you are a natural-born parent,

being a good parent is inherent to who you are;

do and give your best,

your best will prove to be more than enough.

Giving my all to raise you up!

Jennie Louwes 

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