On A Mission

No one can be you.

No one can replace you;

Each on a mission,

assigned by God,

A mission only the one assigned can fulfill.

Yet, it's the joining of hands and voices, within the mission, that will bring it to fruition.

You were never made to go it alone.

Indie authorship is on the rise and some have even found success, seemingly on their own;
however, I still advocate for the well-oiled machine of agents and publishing houses.

The more people behind a project,
providing their expertise and talents, joining their hands and voices with your own,
the louder the "one voice" will appear to be once it's launched;
one voice speaks,

but it's a team that gives the voice its platform.

Know your strengths, play to them, and look outside of yourself for the things you are a novice within.

We are all gifted in something and no one is perfect within everything.

It takes a village to raise a healthy family.

It takes a village to have mainstream success.

The Power of One is very, very real;

Yet, even the One is the God-Head, Three-in-One.

Take up a cause, raise your voice to bring about change,
but be sure to raise your voice in prayer to God first.

From there,
join your hands and voices with others
and watch your voice raise in its power,

and message awareness.

We are all charged with making a positive difference in this world.

Charged to fulfill our purpose, our mission.

Don't shy away from issues that God presses upon your heart.

Those issues are directly tied to your purpose.

Be open to whatever God has in store for you.

Regardless of circumstance; God is the God of the impossible, He has no limits.

Even where you think there is only dry land;
He can turn a wasteland, on a dime, into a place of Living Water.

Miracles happen daily and maybe your life is the next miracle waiting to take place:

But He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”
(II Corinthians 12:9)

When you are weak, it's then you are strong; put your God on!

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