Unfurl Your Cape

I've had moments as a mama that I've felt like a Super-Hero.

Maybe "Wonder Woman" would suit me, but I like the idea of wearing a cape.

When I wake-up well rested, and have a strategy in place for the day;
when I have plans of how things could get done and some of it actually falls into place;
when I feel up to tackling an outing that includes the supermarket, with four kids in tow,
I guarantee I'm having a Super-Hero kind of day and I've got my cape on.

I have a super-human capacity to love
and an inordinate amount of patience, (most days);
Guess what? You do too!

Put your God on and bear His fruit,

the fruit of the Spirit. (Galatians 5:22-23)

He'll see you through the chaos of a 1 year old crying, (more from the wind than a desire to escape),
a 2 year old laughing, a 4 & 1/2 year old happily acting up/out and silly,
and a 5 & 1/2 year old that's indifferent to it all;
after all, he's grown-up in a zoo ;-)

(And, yes, my youngest two are in p.j.'s and that's sometimes how we roll).

Whether met with daily failures or successes;
in regards to how God views you,
and in regards to how your children see you,
you are a MomPro.

Your kids already know you have super-powers,
I mean, which of us mom's does not have eyes in the back of our heads? :-)

Which of us moms cannot miraculously heal boo-boo's with just a kiss?

Or calm fears with a huggle,
(a hug and a snuggle joined together),
an 'it's okay',
and an 'I love you'?

We women daily "war in love" for our kid's sake.

You are a MomPro!

Unfurl your cape and let it show.

And, if you'd like to show the world your cape, I've got you covered!

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