A Good Marriage

The Fellowship of Love - Image Provided by AlessandraConte via Pixabay - Word Overlay by Jennie Louwes

What are good marriages made of?
Read on to find out!
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How to Save a Life

The Arms of Those Who are Empty - Words by Jennie Louwes

You know how once you've read Scripture
you're no longer able to claim ignorance?
In the same way,
when we know of real need
are we not to help our neighbors?
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There's Something Worse Than Sleep Deprivation!?!

Here's to our tired faces. 
"The dark circles, and blood-shot eyes, don't matter,
you are more beautiful than you've ever been!"
|Surviving Motherhood|
|True Beauty|

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Unfurl Your Cape

We women daily "war in love" for our kid's sake; love never fails.
You are a MomPro!
Unfurl your cape and let it show.
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Be A Simple Kind Of Man

Be a simple kind of man. Easy to love. Easy to understand.
With a transparent heart that mirrors Christ's own.
Satisfied in Him and Him alone.
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Everything: A Gift

You defeat all that seeks to destroy by rising from the flames, like a phoenix, changed, made new, ready to show the world you.
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You Are: The New Thing!

We are each originals. There has never been another version of you.
Even our "mini-me's" are not us.
Perceive the new; the new thing is you.
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Friendship Without End

Life without end is what you are living now, just as those who have gone home, to heaven, continue to live life without end too; always together.
|Eternal Life|
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Doesn't Take Much

It doesn't take much to be a MomPro, it just takes everything you've got!
Be encouraged: God made you a mother. He doesn't make mistakes.

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The Sky Is Awake

"The sky is awake, so I'm awake, so we have to play!" (Anna waking Elsa in the movie: Frozen) Put your joy on, and get a move on, with a smile upon your face :-)


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