You Are: The New Thing!

Is the world not saturated with people?

It's easy to be discouraged by those around you.

We want to fit in but we also desire to stand out.

Do not think, just because you are young, you need to find yourself before you can live life, make a difference, or have a voice that's meant to be heard.

You need not view yourself as having to be awoken in order to find out you've been lost; you need not think of yourself as lost at all. Don't waste time thinking you're in the wilderness; be aware of the path that is being made for you.

You've already been found, you've already been discovered, you know who you are.

You need only to look to the past, and view lives of those who have gone before;
you have a purpose, a purpose beyond yourself.

Even as a youth you can set examples for others in how you speak, in how you conduct yourself, in how you live a life built upon faith, love and purity. (I Timothy 4:12)

Even as a youth,

And, for those of us who are middle-aged or older, we need not compare ourselves to others or try to be the next Beth Moore, Max Lucado or Rick Warren. We cannot be what has already been. Nor, should we want to be. We shouldn't hope to be the next, younger version of the old but we should seek to be the new thing, the thing that's happening now.

We are each originals. There has never been another version of you. Even our "mini-me's" are not us. And, following in someone's footsteps only brings you so far.

To stand out from a crowd you truly need only be you.

Don't chase the next or the old, perceive and be aware of the new; the new thing is you. 

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