Friendship Without End

I believe in windows from heaven.

God granting our loved ones an opportunity to be present in our lives;
souls at rest, in perfect peace, no sadness, no more tears,
singing "Hallelujah's" and yet privy to earthly matters.

I see nothing wrong in going to a grave-site, or looking at old photographs,
and saying to your loved one's, that have passed,
"I love you. I still think about you. I look forward to the day when I see you again".

We pray to God, the Father, and are blessed with Jesus' intervention,
and the Holy Spirit,
making our words, even the inaudible ones of our hearts, formed to perfection
so the Father hears, receives and responds.

We don't pray to our loved ones, but we can talk to them and trust they are near.

As Christians, we don't conjure up spirits, (occult/devil worship),
we don't look to the stars, (astrology),

and yet, in moments of quiet solitude,
of remembrance, love and hope,
we can speak to those whose souls have moved on to Heaven and express our love,
gratitude, heartfelt emotions,
and trust our words have been heard.

God's Only Son, Jesus Christ, was once human. The God-head, three-in-one, understands humanity, and all of its complexities, and does not fault us for being as we are. He does not fault us our tears or grief, nor the desire we have in our hearts to remain connected with those who have departed.

It's not a sin to continue to say, "I love you" or "I wish you were still here" or to sing with emotion:
"How I'd Love, Love, Love, to Dance with My Father Again".

One of my best friends, Ana Maria Elena Campean, Ani for short, died from cancer when she was 25.
Seven years ago.
I still have my moments when I think of her and miss her.
I believe, when she comes to mind, she is close at hand.

I named my oldest daughter Analeigh,
coupling the beginning part of Ana Maria's name with my own middle name;
friendship without end.

Do not think, within your grief, you cannot still talk to your loved ones.
It's not a sin to mention their name.
It's not a sin to hold them close within your heart or keep them within your thoughts.
It's not a sin to have a dream, seeing your loved one dancing in heaven, their spirit at their best;
to awaken and say, "I saw you, I heard your laughter",
and thanking God for the gift.

If you believe in Jesus Christ, God's only begotten Son;
"whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life" (John 3:16b).
Life never ends, love never ends, and friendships, rooted in Christ, never end either.

Heaven will be grand, and will be filled with the best reunions, beyond what we've imagined.

Our bodies age, fade away, but our spirits remain young and healthy, the best versions of us.

Oh, there will be moments of standing in awe, and their will be full-bodied joy and dancing too.

Take heart, amid grief, never give up on faith or hope.

Life without end is what you are living now,
just as those who have gone home, to heaven, continue to live life without end too;
always together, even while briefly seeming to be apart.

"I love you, Ani, I thank God for the gift of your friendship, the gift of you, and for life without end".

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