ABC's of Motherhood: Gather

Find those you can gather with, on the journey,
whether it's a crowd or only a person or two
and find the strength to continue on.
Let others be your wings
when you've forgotten how to fly. 
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To Die Is Gain

When death calls, He calls for us too.
Once again, we'll be made new. 
To die is gain, Heaven our reward;
Love remains.

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You Are Not Alone

May you have a "deep, profound sense of God's love";
an increased knowledge and awareness of how deep and wide God's love truly is
(Ephesians 3:18).
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Your Life Depends On It

Rely on the One who created you, 
His light reveals the next step.

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Friendship Without End

Life without end is what you are living now, just as those who have gone home, to heaven, continue to live life without end too; always together.
|Eternal Life|
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