Did You Know... There's A Book That Never Reads the Same Way Twice?

The Truth Revealed - Image by Jennie Louwes

You should be!
It may or may not be what you think.
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The Weight of Humanity

Waiting on a new heaven, A new earth,
His kingdom come, On earth be done,
As it is in Heaven.
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Embrace Life

Although, sometimes good to walk down memory lane
it can never be lived again
or recaptured quite the same.
Let go, let God;
embrace life. 
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Finding Your People

From an early age we realize we're not everyone's cup of tea.
We learn, rejection hurts but it doesn't define;
we're in the best of company, 
at rest in the shadow of Jesus Christ, 
the Divine.

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To Die Is Gain

When death calls, He calls for us too.
Once again, we'll be made new. 
To die is gain, Heaven our reward;
Love remains.

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