Embrace Life

Pregnancy without conflict.
Marriage without end.
High School Sweethearts that haven't been.

What do you lament?

Life rarely turns out the way we hoped.
There are road blocks

and detours,
unexpected twists and turns;
we can rage against the machine,
grieve until our tears run dry,
but; eventually,
we have to let all things go.

Life isn't lived standing in one place
and it's best not lived alone.

The internet, 
and social media,
a blessing and a curse.
Never has it been easier to revisit the past,
the "what if's" of your life;
however, they will never be a blessing
if you allow yourself to be immersed in them.

The past is the past.

Although, sometimes good to walk down memory lane
it can never be lived again
or recaptured quite the same.

It's brave to reach out,
to revisit the past of our mistakes,
to say we're sorry.
It's commendable courage
to no longer turn the other way,
out of shame,
but to lock eyes, 
to ask for forgiveness;
at least you know you've tried.

However, to lament a past
that will never come again,
to get stuck there;
then, the devil wins.
Mired in the past
of the could've, should've,
"Oh, how I wish";
you are sinner turned saint
but completely ineffective.

We have to shed off the old,
make our peace with it,
and move forward.
It's only in embracing 
each present day
that we can fulfill The Great Commission.

It's not about us,
all about Him;
all lives matter:
Not life in the petty details,
or life in its major moments,
but life lived in the big picture of things.

Our lamentable moments,
of things we wish could be different,
are but a vapor in the wind.
The past cannot be changed.
We cannot be 17 again.
We cannot do-over a marriage that's ended
or pregnancies that have passed us by.
We can only be present in our today's.

Take lessons learned, 
apply them to your future,
and make each day better than the last.

Embrace the life you have.

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