There's two versions of Cinderella: The maid and the maiden at the ball.
I don't know about you,
but it's been 9 years since I've felt like Cinderella at the ball,

(my wedding day),
and 3,285 days of being the maid!

How to elevate maid status?
Simplify the tasks.
In regards to belongings, less is more;
the less you have the less there is to clean.
Keep the sentimental, the necessary, and a handful of beautiful things; 
detach from stuff and attach more to people! 
(There's freedom in down-sizing; "Becoming Minimalist" a good resource). 

From rags to riches!
Who knew cleaning with water, and water alone, could give your windows
(and other surfaces) a streak free shine?
It's all in the "rag" you use!

A Norwex Window Cloth;
simple as that.

In most places in America we've been blessed with an ample supply of water;
remove the chemical cleaners from your home
and discover how easy home-keeping can be!

Eliminating choices of products,
and zeroing in on one brand alone,
speeds up the cleaning process;
less is more!

Key verse: Work for the Lord, 
not man (Colossians 3:23-24), 
it's Christ we serve;
however, it's easy to read and much harder to believe and live out.
(Placing the verse, where you can see it, helps)!  

To believe the verse and live it 
you need to place yourself in the role of maid turned to maiden at the ball;
someday, your prince will come.
As He's preparing a place for you (John 14:2-4)
you can prepare yourself on earth.
You can live in anticipation of His companionship and company.
You can choose to take a shower first thing,
apply make-up and put on fresh clothes;
not knowing what the day will bring
but knowing it's going to be good!
(Life is Good!)

If we were to live in anticipation,
preparing ourselves and our lives each day;
then, organically,
we'd be transforming ourselves from rags to riches.
We'd always be prepared for the ball, ready for company;
(I'd never have to be embarrassed, 
answering the door for the mailman, 
in my p.j.'s again)!

It's a 3-cord strand (Ecclesiastes 4:12):

the right products.
From a maid, waist-deep in drudgery,
cleaning made simple becomes easy; 
and, you'll have much more time to be the maiden at the ball.

We're all Cinderella:
Dirty from the ashes of our sins,
swept off our feet, given hope and joy
and washed as white as snow.

No matter our circumstances,
it's time we elevate ourselves to be the princesses we are:
Noble, Regal, and Cherished;
it's an honor to clean for the King!


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