Back to Basics

We've made a lot of substitutions for Mother Nature's offerings. Adam and Eve left the garden; now, having to fend for ourselves, we've tried to get back but have turned in all the wrong directions. We've bought into the lie that we're all gods, that we know best, our intellect can figure it all out; we can engineer this, tweak that; progress in all its glory. Well, take a look at Johnson & Johnson a name we've all trusted for generations; the only way back to the garden is to get back to the basics of how we were meant to live.

Progress is not always progress. Why modify what God has given us? When plotting out garden space, plot out two, start them a year apart; follow the rule of 7's: Every 7th year let your land rest (Leviticus 25:4). Just as we're to observe a Sabbath so allow the land to rest every 7th year. If we went back to the basics, found in God's word, I believe we'd reap a harvest, in all ares of our lives, like we've never experienced before. 

Spend time with God, sit, walk, work and talk alongside of Him. We don't need engineered food to experience fast food; grab an apple and bite in!

(But, before you do, wash it; sad, but true).

Never before has there been such an accelerated rate of disease, of cancer, diabetes; diagnosis' of ADHD, autism, etc. It's a direct link to our environment and the foods we eat. The world and our bodies are groaning under the weight of it all.

It would seem that the giants, the troubles of this day and age, are too large to be slayed or turned away. Yet, I still believe in the Power of One. The Power of the Lord, God Almighty, above all, who has given us the power to slay the giants. We don't have to buy into the lies of this world and we can fight back by starting in our homes: As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord (Joshua 24:15).

It's time to ditch common-place chemicals and to get back to basics. This is in how we clean and in how we eat; a natural shine to your home, hair and skin; and, just like the joy our countenance exudes when we're walking in the Spirit, people will be asking you for the secrets of your home's life.

The secret: God and getting back to basics. I've chosen to start with my Achilles heel: Cleaning, (specifically cleaning without chemicals), which led me to Norwex. A company that began in Norway and has made its way to America, Canada, Australia. When doing laundry, dishes, cleaning windows and floors no longer will I be doing harm to my family or the environment we live in. All natural products in packaging that can be recycled. It only takes one home to start a revolution.

We want the best for our children; it starts at home.

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