The Wisest Way

Seek ye first the kingdom of God.
(Matthew 6:33)

Knock and the door shall be opened.
(Matthew 7:7-8)

Try it first before you buy it.

Once convinced, join in!

Some of the happiest moments of my life
have been a by-product of
helping others.
This is why I write.

The majority of us need to mind our spending.
We count our pennies because
pennies are from heaven 

and every penny counts.
We all look for ways to save a dollar because
a dollar saved is a dollar earned.

Many of us now know the importance
of going green
and living in such a way that minimizes our 
negative impact on the world;
i.e. our carbon footprint.
We want to live in such a way that
honors God and His creation;
but, often going green 
comes at a cost we can't afford. 
This simply doesn't have to be the case!

If you sign-up for Norwex,
with no plans to sell anything,
you'd still qualify to receive 35% off all products.
Your laundry detergent,
dish-washing agent,
hand-soap, etc.
all 35% off!
You'll be offering your family, 
and the environment,
a home free of chemicals
that's healthier to live in than its ever been!

I joined Norwex for the above reasons and
I'd like nothing more than to have you join me!
I believe one person can make a difference,
let the difference start with you.

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