How to Defeat Fear, Circumstances & Perceived Limitations

Inaction perpetuates fear,
action defeats it.
The longer you sit with a problem
the more insurmountable it seems;
however, faith as small as a mustard seed

has the power to move mountains.
There is nothing we can face 
that hasn't already been conquered;
death itself is death no more.

Our bodies are made up of soluble materials:
things that dissolve, disintegrate;
from ashes to ashes and dust to dust.
We are more than our bodies;
don't let your body limit you.
Limitations of our lives may do their best to corner us
and close us in;
but, action defeats them all.
Growing up on the wrong side of the tracks,

money doesn't grow on trees;
you never finished high school,
you were always told you were a good for nothing;
prove your circumstances, 
negative influences,
and so-called limitations wrong.
You are more than a conqueror,
they can't hold you back;
you have it within you to break free of any chains

that bind you.
Moving a mountain, 
outside of the movies,

is most often not done in the blink of any eye
but over a period of time.
Consistent and persistent steps forward,
a renewed commitment each and every morning;
a will that won't quit or give up hope;
these are the things goals 
and dreams reached
are made of:
Blood, Sweat, Tears.
Fear can be defeated,
circumstances and limitations too.
Don't take "No" for an answer,
find a way;
there's always a door that will open

you just have to find the key that fits the right one.

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