Love in Action

In Kirk Cameron's movie, Unstoppable, a primary story throughout the piece is that of Matthew Sandgren. Shortly before Matthew died, at the age of 15, he asked his Dad, "Dad, can you fix me?" His father looked at him and said, "Only God can fix you this time." In that moment unspoken words were said; Matthew knew, this time, he was heaven bound.

Every person who isn't taken instantaneously within their death reaches a point where they know death is close at hand; a transition from one life to the next is well on its way, about to advance, and instead of continuing to fight they're ready to fly.

What holds them back is the love of those they'll be leaving behind; "if you love me, don't let go." The most unselfish gift we can give, knowing someone's ready for what comes next, is to tell them it's okay to go.

But, when they do, "a little unsteady" puts it mildly. Even when death is expected, even when we know the person who's accepting and embracing death has no choice but to let go, those of us left behind are often left reeling.

A loneliness you can't describe, only something understood if you've lived it too; Lysandra, I know you're tired of being alone.  The weight of the world upon your shoulders; grief is a heavy load to bear. And, it's easy for us to say, "We continue to pray" and hand-out Biblical cliches: "Cast your burdens upon the Lord for He cares for you" (I Peter 5:7); Scripture always true and yet there's a time and a place for everything under heaven, a time and a place for words to be uttered and a time and a place for actions to be taken in their place. 

Thankful for pancake breakfasts and baseball tourneys, for people to rally about and encourage and spur each other's generosity, because when a husband and father can no longer be seen or felt there's a void just waiting to be filled and we all need to pull together to continue to pour our love in.

If you'd like to continue to encourage and support the Vander Hart family you may email me: for their address; love in action, the best gifts are made of this.

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