Loneliness, It's Not All The Same

There's the lonely because you're single, never been married, and long to experience the other side of life. There's the lonely, within marriage, (far worse than the lonely of being single), where the two became joined as one; but, though spirits have mingled, there isn't unity and the two are left feeling ignored, discarded, unimportant; often times, this comes about due to unequally yoked marriages: There's a believer married to a non-believer or one spouse is mature in their faith but their mate is a baby in the faith, stagnant, and not passionate about growth; "I'm saved, I'm good."

There's the lonely found after love. When a spouse leaves, and there's divorce, or when a spouse dies. In these instances, of loneliness, we can be tired of being alone and yet far from ready to remedy our situations. We are not looking for another soul to love, we are still processing our loss, and yet the loneliness is immense and intense and:

And, so, we cling to Scripture because it's The One unchanging, always dependable, never going to leave us thing in our lives. When Bible verses are written upon our hearts and seared into our minds the Holy Spirit can access and bring forth just what we need when we need it most.

When we can't stand anymore we kneel and we pray and we cry out to Jesus:

In His time, In His time, He makes all things beautiful in His time.

The benefits of loneliness can be the choice made to dive deeper into your faith, to not fill the vacuum of empty space with the world and all that's meaningless, but to fill the void with The Only One who can satisfy and that's Jesus Christ, The One who created you, molded you and made you, The One who has lived and died to protect and save you and not just for this life on earth but for the life that's to come beyond Heaven's door.

The benefits of loneliness can be the discovery of you. When there's no one around to distract you there's an opportunity for silence and solitude, to discover who you really are, what makes your heart skip a beat, what are you passionate about pursuing, what skills do you wish to learn or improve upon, what have you never done but always wished to do? The time to be fully you, no parts hidden; the time to be happy and experience life is now!

It's not good for man to be alone (Genesis 2:18) and yet we're never alone. When God created Adam He gave Eve to him as a gift, someone to be flesh of his flesh and bone of his bone (Genesis 2:23-24); a gift given before the gift of Jesus Christ. Now, that Christ has come, we're never truly alone; Christ within us, we're at home with him, Never Alone Again!

Do not allow satan to convince you that the loneliness you feel is all-consuming, an untouchable void that can never be filled; man was not made to be alone and yet no man can fulfill us because all men are fallible; everyone dies, God our only constant in life and death.

Rely then, not on man, but on Jesus; loneliness, it's not all the same, but the answer, the counter-part and the cure to it is:  

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