The Blessed Way of Birth

I lay on my couch relaxing,
feeling each contraction passing;
my skin has stopped stretching,
my baby keeps growing,
it's time for him to be born.

I manage to keep my composure,
but nervous excitement wants to take over,
almost like panic, and yet complete peace;
we were made for this moment,
my baby and me.

The contractions come like waves,
it's true;
the ocean is my happy place. 
I find myself at home within the rhythms of love and grace;
the seas of water part, 
and my baby starts descending. 

The pathway to life seems long
and at times arduous
but I am calm, centered, 
collected and strong;
silent concentration,
I am surrounded by others and yet we're alone,
my baby and me.

We journey together,
as we've always done,
since time began
for my little man.
9 months and counting, 
he's lived inside of me,
our hearts beating together.
My heartbeat, movements and voice lulling him to sleep;
his heartbeat, 
the miracle,
the wonder,
the relief,
each and every time.

Now we journey in a new and different direction;
change is scary but we need not worry,
God is with us 
and you've been heaven sent;
you for me and me for you,
my baby and me.

Time passes slowly yet quickly.
There's pain mingled with moments of reassurance and respite;
the joy is coming.
It's only in us 
each letting go
that we'll be able to continue to hold each other close.

Your head is crowning
and a crown you'll always wear
we belong to The King of Kings
you, and me, my dear.
I can gently feel the top of your head,
I see you, 
I pause,
I gather my resolve,
the time to meet you face-to-face has come!

With just a push or two more
I lift you upon my chest and I feel no pain,
it's gone, 
as I stare into your face.

Ten fingers, ten toes, a cute little nose.
Our tears mingle, ever so briefly,
as I warp you up in swaddling clothes;
my voice soothes you,
as yours soothes me,
my baby and me.

Each of us a miracle, 
you can't have one without the other;
you are my son
and I am your mother.
Joined together once physically,
forever together spiritually;
I'll lift you up and raise you,
and if you listen to me, you'll know
the ways in which you should go
just as my Father, in heaven, has always guided me.

Through this world,
we'll now travel,
taking baby steps together;
always and forever,
my baby and me.

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