ABC's of Motherhood: Gather

Written in honor of Lane Graves and his family.

For two years, nine months, and eleven days you and your family were whole and complete. There was joy, laughter, love and life. Then, you (Lane) were taken away, and it seemed that life left with you.

The nation briefly riveted, parents everywhere joined horrified, in shock and tears, for you (Lane) could have easily been their child too.

Such trauma, the loss of a child, whether expected or not; but, all death worse when not given a chance for a proper good-bye when the good-bye is stolen from you. 

Tragedy, such as this, who can fathom? Tragedy of any kind, resulting in death, has the power to leave one feeling immobile. How can one possibly continue on!

Hearts filled with grief, and bodies and minds that wish to sleep, still awaken.

Find those you can gather with, on the journey, whether it's a crowd or only a person or two and find the strength to continue on. Let others be your wings when you've forgotten how to fly. 

Rely upon God to shelter you under His wings until one day the rain stops. A day in the future, the date of which is unknown, when you'll rise with the sun and there will be peace and joy in your heart again.

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