ABC's of Motherhood: Fashion

I'll be the first to admit the "F" word (as in fashion), after motherhood, is a completely foreign concept to me. Let's be honest! I'm just happy (and satisfied) with myself if I manage to get out of my pajamas and put a T-shirt on with my favorite pair of blue jeans!

|Foreign to Me|Original Haiku Poetry|Jennie Louwes|

In the spirit then of fashion and favorites at least a T-shirt and jeans is an easy ensemble and not something we can really mess up; so, who needs some fresh tees in their closet to inspire, encourage and help them to get dressed in the mornings? I know I do!

|F is for Fashion|Jeans and Tees Please|Original Haiku Poetry|Jennie Louwes|

MomPro is all about encouraging, motivating and wanting to help all mom's everywhere put their best foot forward; because of this, in earnest, I will be launching Teespring campaigns, every month, with a new logo or message on the apparel that's offered. Each campaign will last 7 days. If you like a design be sure to act fast!

Click Here, Yes, right on me, to see what's available this month :-)

Welcome to September!
The end of summer days and the beginning of Fall Fashion.
Whether you're heading to the gym for a work-out (a better woman than me!)

or going to the grocery store to run errands;

heading to a Bible Study or a play-date or both!

I've got you covered. Who knew fashion could be as simple as telling the world what you know and already believe to be true?
Go tell the world:
Teach What's Good!

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