No Comparison

That Girl is On Fire - Image Created by Jennie Louwes

We're all inherently different.
Made different on purpose.
Let's come together and be the one body,
with many parts,
we were meant to be!
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ABC's of Motherhood: Gather

Find those you can gather with, on the journey,
whether it's a crowd or only a person or two
and find the strength to continue on.
Let others be your wings
when you've forgotten how to fly. 
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ABC's of Motherhood: Fashion

|Foreign Fashion|Not a Fashionista|Original Haiku Poetry|Jennie Louwes|

Welcome to September!
The end of summer days and the beginning of Fall Fashion.
Who knew fashion could be simple?
Go tell the world:
MomPro, Teach What's Good!
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ABC's of Motherhood: Degradation

The answer of how to improve a situation 
is never degradation.
Instead, the answer is a simple one,
and it's one word only:
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