ABC's of Motherhood: Evolve

E is for Evolution

Nothing is stagnate. Everything grows, changes, evolves. Never more do we see this truth for ourselves than as we mother; we grow, change and evolve as much, if not more, with each milestone our bubs surpass.

Ruefully, just as we think we've finally figured out our child's schedule it or they change. With every change we go from master back to apprentice; our child teaching us about themselves just as much as we teach them about the world.

Jennie Louwes Haiku: A Mom's Life With A Bub

Although, in some ways it would be nice if time stood still and we could keep our babies in our arms for a little longer; there's only so much sleep depravity, soiled diapers and clothing (both the bubs and your own) one can handle before it would become too much.

Our children grow fast, at times like a whirlwind, and yet we know it's all done perfectly. All for their good and our own. Growth, change and evolution sometimes without our even knowing it's taking place; until, we're able to take a step back, breathe deep and see how we were when we first found out we were mothers-to-be and who we've become now that our children are real, tangible, and in hand. 

Jennie Louwes Haiku: All For Good

The evolution of us perhaps never seen more clearly than when we look into the eyes of our children. Their eyes, a part of them that never changes and yet a window to their soul that ever increases in its depth.

Jennie Louwes Haiku: Gracie's Dig Site; Depth of Soul

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