ABC's of Motherhood: Habits

|Doing Better Isn't Always Easy|Original Haiku Poetry|Jennie Louwes|

It takes a while,
most of the time,
for us to wrap our minds around a new truth,
to fully accept it;
flipping the switch on and letting the old fall away into oblivion.

It may take several years,
layer upon layer of the receipt of information;
(the same message,
from different people,
said in slightly different ways),
before you're ready to accept the truth,
own it as your own,
and forge ahead differently because of it.

The right person,
delivering the right message;
approaching you in the right way,
at the right time,
combined with your willingness (and readiness) to flip the switch on
of enlightenment, acceptance and implementation,
is when true transformation occurs.

This recently happened for me at Legacy Dental Arts.
I've known for more years, than I care to admit, that my daily intake
of a can of soda a day
- (Mountain Dew or Coke my preference) -
was bad for me.
Yet, four kids in four and a half years,
coupled with sleep deprivation that was constant 
(and seemed like it would never-end)
though it only lasted six years straight;
left this mama beyond exhausted 
and feeling dependent upon a pick-me-up. 

I'm not a coffee drinker,
it's a taste I have yet to acquire;
however, this is now my truth:

|Caffeine and Jesus|Original Haiku Poetry|Jennie Louwes|

You see, Dr. James Penfield
said the right things, at the right time, in the right way
and I was ready to really hear it, receive it, accept it; 
make it my own and implement it.
He said, "Ah, soda, now what I'm seeing is all making sense.
You might as well put a $100 dollar bill in a glass 
every. time. you have one; especially,
if it's Mountain Dew!"

Ready to break this bad habit with me?

Dr. Penfield challenged me to pay attention to the soda 
while I drank it.

Rather than a mindless swallow, really taste it! 

Did you realize that with every swallow of soda 
you're far from having your thirst quenched?
In fact, your mouth is left feeling dry!

Next, if Mountain Dew is your go-to choice of "pop",
did you know it's like 40% corn syrup?

Pay attention to the syrupy consistency... 
If you do, you'll believe and know it's as gross as it sounds.

However, those two things are not enough,
in and of themselves,
to quit a bad habit, 
am I right?

Your replacement for soda?
Ice water!

|Tall Drink of Water|Original Photograph by Jennie Louwes|

Every time you crave a soda 
fill a large glass with ice and water and drink-up!
This gives your body what it actually needs and what it's craving.
(It naturally helps curb your appetite too!)

|When You Know Better You Do Better|Simplicity|Original Haiku Poetry|Jennie Louwes|

I've been soda free for fourteen days and counting;
unlike other times,
(when I've tried to stop before),
I know this switch is a permanent one.
There is no going back! 
Onto healthier teeth and a healthier life
because of one person saying the right thing,
at the right time,
and me being ready to make the change.

Thank you, Dr. James!

|Let Bad Habits Die, Not You!|Original Haiku Poetry|Jennie Louwes|

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