ABC's of Motherhood: Imperfection

I have a favorite sweatshirt, from Today's Mood, that reads: Embrace Imperfection. It's my favorite because, to me, it speaks of motherhood perfectly!

When we were little girls, and growing up into our teens, we dreamed of prince charming, our wedding and babies that would be born. We joined our first name with that of our latest crush's last name and wrote down good baby names, as lists, in our diaries. In our imaginations everything was laid out, and perfect, just like a fairy tale. 


|Before the Happily Ever After Begins|Quote and Photo by Jennie Louwes|
Fast forward to present day, real life, and we know the following to be true: 

All of us different, including our children from us, and so the only real perfection is that of the imperfect kind: Embrace Imperfection. Oh, we can always strive to be better, do better, continue to learn and grow (and we should) but, to really live and enjoy life, we also need to accept and know perfection is just a myth and not worth seeking after. Instead, be happy with you and your imperfect brood.

Learning to embrace imperfection,
and the hurdles that you'll inevitably come across,
will lead to your happily ever after.

|Perfection a Myth|Quote by Jennie Louwes|

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