Am I doing this right!?!

No Right Answers - Image Created by Jennie Louwes

Parenting is hard!
Just when you think you have one thing figured out
another thing comes along.
However, trust, know, and believe:
You have all the tools you need to parent well. 
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Where There's a Mess There's Construction Underway

Construction Zone - Word Overlay by Jennie Louwes

"We have to get rid of perfectionist illusions;
we're a building set, not a show-room"
(Pastor Colin Smith).
This is good news for every mom I know!
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Six Steps Towards Freedom from Second-Guessing Yourself

Blessed is She Among Women - Word Overlay by Jennie Louwes

Instead of a sail without a rudder,
you've got an anchor that grounds you,
hope that surrounds you,
and a purpose (beyond measure) of anything you've known before.

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Did You Know?

We Live in Space - Word Overlay by Jennie Louwes

We're about to reveal a mind-blowing fact.
Something you may know but haven't given much thought:
We're hanging out on a ball that's tethered without strings.
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ABC's of Motherhood: Imperfection

ABC's of Motherhood: I is for Imperfection
Embrace Imperfection:
We can strive to be better, do better, learn and grow
(and we should)
but, to really live and enjoy life,
we need to accept and know perfection is just a myth. 
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