Six Steps Towards Freedom from Second-Guessing Yourself

The early days of motherhood are meant for mothering
nothing more and nothing less.

Doctors recommend 6 weeks of rest and recouperation
which can only be accomplished with a supportive spouse,
or additional hands and feet found by other means;
such as,
your mother or best friend
who's willing (and able) to take time from their lives 
to immerse themselves in yours.

Blessed are those who have one such family member;

Blessed is She - Word Overlay by Jennie Louwes

Each child you have is an adjustment.
It's a human being that wasn't in your life before.
When your child was a part of your body
he naturally was a part of each movement you took.
you have to consciously strap him on
or otherwise move him about with you as you go through your day.

Mothering, in the early days, is intense and all-consuming.
Especially, if doing it all mainly alone.
But, the rewards make it worth it.
Your baby's first smile will melt your heart

and from that moment on you'll have a new found confidence:
He smiled at me. He loves me. I must be doing something right.

How can you stop second-guessing yourself?
Here are 6 steps towards freedom:

With each new situation and milestone you and your child reach

#1. Take a deep, mindful breath and focus on it.

#2. Pray. 
Even 5 second prayers ground you 
and are reassuring in and of themselves.

#3. "Take courage, dear heart" (C.S. Lewis)
New things are always scary until they're done. 
With each new pediatrician visit, for instance, 
you go from being unsure and anxious 
to a pro at knowing what's expected when.

#4. The very fact you're concerned means 
you're a good mom.

#5. Love God, love yourself, love your child
out of the love we have and receive from God 
we learn how to love ourselves and give that love away. 
When we're steeped in unconditional love
we can rest more easily
and quiet the mouths of the nay-sayers
including our own.

Which leads us to 
#6. Don't compare yourself with the mother next door, 
I promise you, 
we're all a hot mess!

Hot Mess - Image via Pop Sugar

You can do this mama, and do it well,
follow your mothering instincts,
make decisions with God
and what you inherently know to be good
and true;

God-Given Strength - Image via Jennie Louwes

Mothering may not come naturally at first but, 
in time,
it will be 2nd nature to you and you'll almost forget what life was like
before you welcomed your child into your life.

Perhaps, gone are the carefree days but now,
instead of a sail without a rudder,
you've got an anchor that grounds you,
hope that surrounds you,
and a purpose beyond measure of anything you've known before.

A Sacred Word - Word Overlay by Jennie Louwes

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