Where There's a Mess There's Construction Underway

For as much bad as there is in the world
there is also immense good.

An entire football team giving God the glory.

Billy Graham's death
reminds us of his words and life.

We all have a sphere of influence.
Every single one of us.

We're all sinners in the process of being built,
and transformed.

"We have to get rid of perfectionist illusions within the church;
we're a building set not a show-room.

Christ is present as the builder.
There's chaos when the builder is at work." (Pastor Colin Smith)

This is good news for every mother I know!
We all tend to do our best to hide our junk
(both literally and figuratively).
Many of us hesitate to invite another mother over for a play-date,
for our children to make friends while we attempt to make a mom-friend too,
because of the work it takes!
(You know,
cleaning during the tornado,
shoveling while it's still snowing,
We also have the wild-card of our children:
Will they behave?
Will they share?
Will there be yelling and hurt feelings,
and too much sassafras or,
will everyone get along and be nothing but kind at last?

Inclusive Joy

if we could embrace the imperfections we see in ourselves,
and our family,
we'd be better suited 
(and able to embrace)
the imperfections we see in others.
Sinners in the process of becoming.
Preparing for our Savior's arrival
and all of us in need of Him.

For the most part, 
we are all just doing our best to raise up children
who won't need therapy because of us.

Therapy For the Soul - Word Overlay by Jennie Louwes

Children who won't have a void because of lack of love,
and discipline.
Children who know what a firm foundation of security feels like
so roots can be built even within the storms of life,
(or multiple moves), 
before home is formed.

Pictures of Home - Word Overlay by Jennie Louwes

May we boldly live out our faith
like those we've seen in the spotlight;
not for our glory but God's.
May we embrace our messes, 
the chaos,
and realize it's right where we are 
(in all of it)
that we can trust God is at work.
No messier place than our homes perhaps
and that's okay!
The more kids you have the more mess should be expected by others.
After all, 
God's at work times 6 (in the case of my household)
and what can one expect from such a construction zone other than a mess!?!

Learn to see the best in one another
and extend love,
and grace 
without looks of distaste or noses in the air.
Everyone has junk in their trunk.
No one is immune.
No one is perfect.
We live our best lives when we live them out loud being honest,
bringing to light our struggles creates comradeship and breaks down walls.
We're all more alike than different;
it's time to tell the world your mothering stories!
So much more than a "mom blog" but a way to 

Teach What's Good - Word Overlay by Jennie Louwes

to those who'll be raising their own families behind us. 
May we all link arms,
stand shoulder-to-shoulder,
not competing with one strength vs. another,
but learning from each another.
We mother better together.

Giving my all to raise you up!


On Mothering Well - Word Overlay by Jennie Louwes

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