You Are Not Alone

Our lives pass by us,
it seems,
in the blink of an eye.
Days can seem extremely long
when infants' schedules are the ones you keep;
however, the years are short.
Never more true than when you are in the prime of your life,
a husband,
father of three,
brought to a place of surrender and acceptance;
life is finite.
Our life like mist (James 4:14)
and yet,
no matter how brief,
the dash matters.

Michael Vander Hart, 37,

married to Lysandra, with three beautiful girls:
One, a young lady,
and two who are lively toddlers.
They are his to cherish, provide for, raise and uplift and he has done that and more.
For the past 9+ months he has continued to invest himself in 40 hours a week, at his job,
while doing battle against stage 4 cancer, 24/7, nonstop.

A warrior spirit who served his country as a Marine;
the spirit of a warrior that continues to battle on,
each day a victory.

A cliche follows; however, it's true:
"To live forever you must be loved forever";
and you, my friend, will live forever.
You will live in the hearts and minds of your wife,
your daughters,
and all those who have loved you on earth;
you will live on as long as they, themselves, have breath.
However, there is a greater love still, and we rejoice in your knowledge of it;
Heaven's best: Faith. Hope. Love.
God's personal gifts to you.

Oh, how He loves us.

Life may be finite but your days have mattered.
Soon you will see the tapestry of your life as never before,
the threads made clear of just how they were interwoven;
the purposes you fulfilled,
the lives you positively impacted, 
and your planning brought to fruition;
I believe in windows from heaven,

you will see your daughters grow.

Until your last breath, you will be a man after God's own heart (Acts 13:22).
Continue to talk to Him openly and honestly;
you will be given His peace.
May you and your family be enveloped by Him.

As Coach Brittany Smith wrote, we also pray: 
May you have a "deep, profound sense of God's love";
an increased knowledge and awareness of how deep and wide God's love truly is (Ephesians 3:18).

You are not alone.

Rest well in Him.

In Jesus' Name,


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