Lens of Another

To write or not to write
that is the question;
it’s not.

A writer must write.
It’s a compulsion.
She has no choice
but to share her voice
whether for herself
or for others.

To write is to breath
and there’s only one way to live
with ink on paper
a cursor on screen.

Her dash
between dates
filled with words in books,
and movie screens.

She may be forgotten
but her memories will haunt
for lifetimes after she’s gone.
Such is the nature of writing itself.
Writing gives life to the author
the author’s words bring life to others;

Through Another's Eyes - Image by David John via Morgue File - Word Overlay by Jennie Louwes

An author may die
but her words live on;
it’s imperative to write,
it’s eternal life.

She was born to write.

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