Baby's Play-List

1.  We've gotta get out of this place.

2.  Don't fence me in.

3.  She drives me crazy.

4.  Somewhere over the rainbow.

5.  Jump.

6.  Wild Horses.

7.  Life is a Highway.

8.  Chasing Cars.

9.  Life is Beautiful. 

10.  Lullaby.

Humor and Truth found within the song titles themselves;
what songs would you and your toddler(s) add to the list?

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Jean Postema
Jean Postema

April 03, 2019

These were so cute and I don’t know if you thought these out or not, but whoever did, some were so funny because you could just imagine a baby thinking, “I just want to get out of this place,” which was a theme song that your dad listened to when he was in Vietnam but yet a baby could think it wanting to get out of the womb after 9 months. Much was the same with the other songs. I loved this!! I listened to them all and I think a new mom, a mom having a middle child, or a grandmother buying a gift for a mom would love buying this small CD.

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