An Authentic Heart

Good writing, like a good song, comes from allowing your heart to speak.
It's those brave enough to wear their heart on their sleeve who will be celebrated and accepted.

To have a story you must have lived a life.

I'm living in the midst of my second life, you?

The things that have refined us, broken us, brought us to tears;
the mountaintops we have summit-ted and the valleys we have survived,
that's where art is brought to life.

The deeper the pain the more rewarding the joy; the depth of life reflected in the words you share.
The more you've been through the more God can use you to reach others;
from the comfort we've received we can give
(II Corinthians 1:3-4).

You can't speak to someone going through the valley of the shadow of death
if you haven't walked there yourself.

And, so we find reasons to thank God for the heartache,
the pain
and for the rain.

Who we are, the depths of our character, is chiseled through perseverance
and from perseverance comes immense hope
(Romans 5:3-5)

It's this hope that we can then pass onto others while relating to them within their storm;

Just as Jesus' did.

If you believe in the Bible as Absolute Truth
then you must know that He who spoke these words to you
expects nothing less than His best to appear through you,
you need only ask:
"Whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these"
(John 14:12-14).

May you be empowered, emboldened and step out in faith like never before!

Everything works to the good,
for those who believe,
and nothing is ever wasted.

Instead of shying away from the pain, bring on the rain.

Embrace whatever comes your way because it's through living life that your stories will blossom,
your testimonies will be brought to life,
and your life's stories will help others to survive and thrive;
if you can make it then others can make it too.

Share your story, show others the way, and be an ambassador of hope;
for hope, like faith and love, always perseveres.

Let your heart speak.

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