Image of Grace - Provided by Freely Photos

He meets me at the door,
takes my hand,
pulls out a chair,
and offers me a seat at His table.
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What Every Mom Needs...

I'm a mother in the trenches along-side you.
The struggle is real, parenting is tiring; caffeine and Jesus All. Day. Long!
Praying for all sorts of Amazing Grace.
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Through Your Art

You have a passion, you have an art,
and we all need you to play your part;
persistence will lead to breakthrough,
you have it within you!
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Everything: A Gift

You defeat all that seeks to destroy by rising from the flames, like a phoenix, changed, made new, ready to show the world you.
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An Authentic Heart

Good writing comes from allowing your heart to speak.
Share your story and be an ambassador of hope;
for hope, like faith and love, always perseveres.
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The Legacy of a Good Teacher

A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops." (Henry Adams) Share your Master's Happiness; may your life be well-lived.

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"Taking care of yourself, takes care of more than just yourself." (Matthew McConaughey)  #TheSweetSpot of Balance.

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