I've been heard,
I've been seen,
by the King of Kings. 
He knows my name.
I don't have to cast my eyes down in shame.

With chin up,
head held high,
I may approach him at any time of day or night
He welcomes my company with great delight.

When He hears my footsteps,
He meets me at the door,
takes my hand,
pulls out a chair,
and offers me a seat at His table;

Psalm 84:11 - Image Modified by Jennie Louwes - Photo Provided by Joanna Kosinka - Freely Photo's

When in the presence of those who do not love me,
I don't cower in fear,
I hold their gaze and remain the queen I am.

There is power in the tongue,
it can kill and destroy;
but, my validation comes from one source
and one source alone
God, himself, who sits on the throne.
I am His and He is mine.

Like a Tree - Words Written by Jennie Louwes - Image Provided by Dmytro Yakymuk - Freely Photos

He is my root system.
Jesus is my spine
the tree trunk that holds me erect and upright.
The roots and the trunk
cause me to stand up under all that assails me. 

My leaves and branches, the Holy Spirit at work.
The gentle breeze that calms me, brings me peace,
the smells of each season that delight my soul;
and, the release of all that holds me back.

Vibrant life,
the essence of myself uncovered and magnified.
Magnificence and meaning,
true purpose and passion on display:
A release of messages,
a period of rest,
quiet renewal,
a readying;
then, joyous songs and singing,
everything made new once more!

A never-ending cycle of journeying closer 
to The One who loves perfectly;
trusting each footstep forward.

Grace - Image Provided by Greg Weaver - Freely Photos

I will not fall - Image Modified by Jennie Louwes - Image Provided by David Pentek - Freely Photos

Purposed to be his mouth-piece and share His love with all.

May you worship Him next to me,
He is worthy of praise,
and may you find yourself at home with Him.

Room at the Table - Image modified by Jennie Louwes - Image Provided by Hannah Busing - Freely Photos

He freely gave His all to save me;
you too.
He continues to give His all
to you,
for you,
through you.
Created by the Creator on purpose for a purpose.
Use your inherent gifts for His kingdom and watch His blessings flow.

Break every chain,
you've been set free.

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