The Legacy of a Good Teacher

I had a teacher, Mrs. Scott, who taught me in the second grade; the Christian school I attended was small enough that she was able to watch me grow and we knew each other by more than just our names. (Of course, for me, her name was, and still is, Mrs. Scott) ;-) In high school my path crossed that of her husband, Mr. Scott; he broadened my horizons within music, during my senior year, as I joined the A-Capella Choir. Funny, I didn't realize Mr. Scott was married to the Mrs. Scott, of my childhood, until I was in my 30's; Facebook, helped me make the connection between the two. (Social media: A blessed reunion, waiting to happen).
A teacher is blessed with an eternal experience, much like that of a parent:
A teacher helps shape a person's character as well as their soul and spirit.
What then, can a student give to former teachers that taught from their hearts, and out of what they had to give? Isn't it the same gift you give your parents, the same gift you hope to be giving God? A life well lived and a life that shows gratitude. Gratitude for those who helped you traverse down life's road, who kept a watchful eye out, who stepped in with guidance to grow you. And, so, I take this time to give thanks for two teachers who gave of themselves to help grow me... One, when I was 7, and the other when I was 18.
Why do I do this now? And, why here? Because time is of the essence. Mr. Scott has entered hospice care. The heart he gave from is also now the heart that is giving out; he will never be without a heart filled with love, but out of heartbeats. Sad that it has taken the knowledge of one who is close to knocking on heaven's door to be the catalyst for me to give thanks; however, may it be a reminder to all of us: If there is someone in your life that you remember fondly, who touched your life by changing it for the better; someone who led you to Christ, someone who helped mold your life into what it is today, tell them. Your words are gifts, give them freely, give them often and use them while you can.
Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Scott, (Don and Jean),
for being teachers I look fondly back upon.
You each did this child of God good and gave her a boost in life. May God help you face the road you are upon without fear; embrace the days ahead with a deep love for the other and may no words be left unsaid. You will both be okay, for life goes on; the promise of our Savior, and two things I know for sure, Jesus never lied and He doesn't lose, death has no more sting. Should I not be fortunate enough to see either of you this side of heaven, beyond a computer screen, know that I will meet you on the other-side of heaven's door.
Mr. Scott, a life well lived has been yours.
With love, in Christ, to those who read this; Giving my all to raise you up!
Jennie Louwes
P.S. In honor of of our Spring Concert from 1996, and the Beatles Melody we sang under Mr. Scott's leadership, conduction and direction: Hey Jude - "Take a sad song and make it better; Don't carry the world upon your shoulders".

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Jean Postema
Jean Postema

March 16, 2015

Beautifully written and brought tears to my eyes. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Scott for helping to mold Jennie into the woman
she is today.

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