Everything: A Gift

The good. The bad. The ugly.

Everything: A Gift.

Bad experiences are not gift-wrapped with bows but more often wrapped in terror and tears.

Natural disasters. Man-made massacres. Everyday tragedies.

Brokenness and Death.

Emptied of self, what's left?

People may rape and torture but the soul steadfastly remains.

The soul can be shaped, molded, altered and changed but it cannot be defeated.

The blessing of brokenness?

And, what comes from this knowledge? Unyielding strength.

And, where does this strength come from? Your foundation.
A foundation not made up of sinking sand stands

When all seems lost, it's faith that remains and you discover faith is all you need.
For faith leads to hope and hope leads to love;

So, how do you become a girl on fire?

You walk boldly through the flames that would seek to destroy you, you step over the name-calling, and the things that are sent to derail you;
you defeat evil by remaining true to yourself,
you defeat evil by staring down fear and calling upon your inner-spirit to rise.

You defeat all that seeks to destroy by rising from the flames, like a phoenix,
changed, made new, and ready to show the world God made you.

Life Lived Unashamed.

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