Dave Ramsey Wrecked Me

Are you familiar with Dave Ramsey?

If so, you know a couple of his infamous lines:
"I'm doing better than I deserve" and "Live like no one else, to live like no one else".

To live your best life isn't it true that one should live below their means?

I am currently faced with a decision:
To live in a home that would provide my children with an idyllic setting and atmosphere,

but the home, itself, has quite a list of fixes that need to be made,

or to provide them with a remodeled, double-wide mobile home;

sacrifice in the present for future gain, i.e. "living like no one else, to live like no one else".

I could pay a mobile home off within one year; whereas, the idyllic house would take 30.

After one year, or less, the mobile home turns into an income-producing rental and then shopping for an ideal home becomes much more doable and affordable.
I'd not only be able to afford an idyllic setting but also a home that doesn't need repairs.
This can all be accomplished with a year, or less, of sacrifice.

Although I desire to establish roots for my family
- (We've moved four times, living in three different states, over the course of seven years) -
what's one more year on the road to a "dream home"? 

A drop in the bucket, right?

I think I've almost convinced myself that the mobile home is the way to go.

Dang-nab you, Dave Ramsey!

However, the flip side of the above:
After four large moves, and children that continue to grow-up before my eyes,
I desire nothing more than to give them the idyllic setting and atmosphere as soon as possible.
No more delays!
It's more than time that they be given the gift of roots, a place to call home,
a place to learn how to fly from, and a place where they are free to return home to.

It's a mind versus heart issue, intellect versus emotion.

I wish Dave Ramsey would stop talking in my head. But, just as fellow believers have taught:
"Once you know something you can no longer claim ignorance".

Once you learn Scripture, and once you learn financial truths,
aren't you then called upon to live a life of stewardship?

Everything is a gift from God.

and we are to utilize the resources He provides to the best of our abilities.

We aren't necessarily called to lives of comfort even though comfort is what the majority of us desire.

Short term sacrifice for long-term gain.

No playing the "what if" game.

I have 48 hours to make a decision.

What would you do?

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