Be A Simple Kind Of Man

Maybe depth is found best in simplicity.

Not wrapped up in stuff.

Not striving to have enough.

Instead, finding contentment in what is and what you have.

No putting on airs, elevating yourself seemingly above cares,

But boots on the ground of the soil you walk upon

And a soul rooted just as much on earth as in the skies above.

Life authentically lived out.

Happy with where you are.

Doing what needs to be done.

Living life as one who understands who they are;

A child of the King.

Live out your time on earth much like He.

"Take it slow, don't live life too fast".

And, if your heart beats after that of your Father, above, free to follow as long as it lasts.

Get out of your head and live from your heart.

Learn to be satisfied in the skin you're in.

Don't always be striving to the point you miss out.

What I hope for my sons, (and daughters too), is that they "be a simple kind of man".

Easy to love.

Easy to understand.

Transparent with hearts that mirror Christ's own.

Satisfied in Him and Him alone.

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